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Silence restores the brain

Noise. Everywhere. Noise. From the moment you wake up, to the moment your head hits your pillow after a long day. It’s almost impossible to escape without making a conscious effort. Many of us, probably subconsciously, never realise quite how much energy it requires just to receive the sounds around us and relay this information to our brains. Noises constantly informing us of our surroundings. External noise can get too much, but even once you’ve escaped the noise of the day, the aftermath can be the lingering of very loud internal noise. Mental fatigue sets in and your brain has become overwhelmed by a sea of information, stress levels running high.

A free and effective solution: silence.

Silence can rejuvenate a weary mind. According to the ‘attention restoration theory‘, the brain can restore its cognitive resources when our surroundings have lower levels of sensory input than we’re normally subjected to in our fast paced 21st century world. Now of course it depends on the type of sensory input; there’s a big difference between spending time in font of a computer all day, and being in the gentle quiet of the outdoors. This is where Shinrin-Yoku steps in and offers a helping hand. A Forest Therapy guide can help you to slow down in a quiet and mindful manner that allows your brain to reset, giving you the headspace to dream, to wander – ultimately improving  creativity, replenishing your energy levels, and giving you the room to visit thoughts and feelings in your own time when you are ready. It’s no real news that nature is good for your health. There are many powerful health benefits one can receive when in deep connection with nature.

To find out more on how silence benefits our brains, click here: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/silence-brain-benefits_us_56d83967e4b0000de4037004