Why walk with a trained Forest Bathing Guide?

Of course, anyone can take a walk in the woods! However, all too often our minds are distracted by stressful events, pets, children, what’s for dinner – we find it hard to be in the present moment, where we have head space and can truly relax.

Walking with a trained Forest Bathing Guide like Caitlin has many benefits, like:

  • The guide slows you down and sets a pace that is effective for Shinrin Yoku. Many people move too quickly through natural settings with a preoccupied mind to truly benefit from the many health advantages present.
  • Offering ‘invitations’ or suggestions on creative and mindful ways to interact with the forest and your surroundings, making each forest therapy experience unique and inspiring you to connect with the outdoors in new ways.
  • Take the stress out of finding and planning a route that works well for calming the mind. A guide assesses the trail for benefits and hazards, ensuring your walk is safe and peaceful.
  • Guides provide a supportive, non-judgemental and safe space where you have the opportunity to share your experiences, and will be listened to attentively.
  • Helping you grow your connection with nature in a personal way, and showing you effective ways to further your nature connection at home.

Why not try it for yourself and join me on one of my public walks. If you would like to organise a private walk for yourself, a group, or company, please get in touch here.