“I racked my brains on what to organise for my friend’s hen party – in her 50s and a second marriage, none of the standard “hen activities” felt right. I wanted something celebratory, fun and memorable but also with some depth. I had loved attending one of  Caitlin’s walks and so asked that she tailor something for the occasion.  It was perfect in every way – intimate, thought provoking, joyful  and simply beautiful. Everyone loved it and I have no doubt will cherish the memories of our time together that morning. Caitlin was a pleasure to work with , she tailored the walk for our circumstances and made it so easy for me to deliver. Whatever your occasion, I can’t recommend her services highly enough.”
Suzanne, March 2019

“Incredible experience. It provides you with an opportunity to slow down and really be present. It will make you forget about time and everything else you have going on in your life, even if for a brief moment. You will feel rejuvenated and invigorated. You will also spend a few hours in the company of lovely and wonderful people, including Caitlin, who really makes the experience what it is! Give it a try, you’ll love it!”
Marta, May 2018

“A lovely few hours spent in the hands of Caitlin and her passion for Shinrin-Yoku forest bathing at Muiravonside. Such a great way to rejuvenate all our senses within the forest. I can’t wait to sign up for a longer one next time. Thanks for a very relaxing day Caitlin.”
Peter, February 2018

“A beautiful Sunday spent in Pollok Park with Caitlin. I so enjoyed the whole experience being amongst our beautiful Mother Nature. Opening up my senses, feeling at one with our beautiful Forest. Peace & serenity. Feeling very relaxed & full of gratitude. Can’t wait for the next one!”
Shirley, February 2018

“We had a wonderful time today during the walk in Muiravonside. Caitlin was so welcoming and gentle in her manner, really encouraging and enabling. It so lovely to take in our surroundings and slow down as well meet new people. The people we met were in our group were so friendly and generous with sharing their knowledge. Thank you to Caitlin and the lovely people we met today.”
Belinda, February 2018

“Such a beautiful and peaceful experience going on our first forest therapy experience at Pollok! It certainly won’t be the last. Caitlin was a great guide and everyone else in the group was a lovely bunch. I would really recommend this experience to everyone, we should all take more time to mindfully connect with nature.”
Rosie, February 2018

“A wonderful afternoon spent in Muiravonside with a fantastic guide and a lovely group of like minded people. Caitlin is really friendly and welcoming and I was immediately put at ease. I saw, heard, felt and smelled things that I would normally have missed walking past too quickly. Slowing down and connecting with nature felt great and I will be back on another walk soon! Thanks Caitlin”
Jen, February 2018

“We had at fantastic time at Pollok park with Caitlin and the rest of our group. The sun warmed our souls and the birds song filled our hearts with joy and gratitude! Caitlin, your bright, friendly and warm personality was very welcoming… You are alive with a bubbling energy and yet open and peaceful, creating space to for those you are guiding on your walks. We loved taking part in the invitations which offered us fun new ways to explore, witness and think about our surroundings and all that lives within and around us. We had no concept of time, no unnecessary thoughts agitating us. We were fully present in the now and absorbed in the beauty of oneness! I can’t recommend this highly enough! All of us humans, of all ages, need to reconnect with all that is wild around us and within us, this is a great way to start your journey of re-connection! WE ARE NATURE!”
Sarah, February 2018

“Brings a whole new dimension to being in Nature, even for those of us who spend a lot of time outdoors. Slowed right down! Thank you Caitlin”
Monica, January 2018

“What an amazing, spiritual, peaceful day when I shut up. Caitlin is the bomb. Can’t wait to see her and listen to her guidance and advice again real soon.”
Karen, January 2018

“If you’ve always wanted to try being mindful but hate the thought of sitting in a room trying to meditate, this is for you.”
Linda C, January 2018

“It was the complete experience, a real forest bath! You have to go for it! Thanks!!”   Mariana, September 2017

“Wonderful to experience forest therapy. So incredibly relaxing and informative. Caitlin is a brilliant forest guide, very intuitive and passionate.”
Linda K, September 2017

“It’s a great way to relax in good and informative company”.
Norman, September 2017

“It sounds mad but it’s a very valuable experience. Push yourself and give it a go!” Pete, August 2017

“It was a lovely experience – great new way to experience the forest. Feel more connected to nature”.
Jaima, August 2017

“Caitlin is lovely – gentle and a calming, friendly presence. Great for de-stressing and experiencing the outdoors in a different way”.
Orla, August 2017

“You need this type of experience, especially if you live in a city or have a fast paced job or life. It sounds so obvious and simple but until you go on the walk you don’t realise how much you need it”.
Monika, August 2017

“It’s an excellent opportunity to connect with new people, family, friends and the entire ecosystem. It is rejuvenating. A good excuse to get outside as a community.” Joel, August 2017

I just spent a wonderful afternoon with a group on a forest therapy session with Caitlin. It was amazing spending time with the trees, this session really opened up the forest and allowed me space and time to reflect on my life and priorities.”
Nicki, August 2017