Forest Bathing Guide Training, Scotland, 16-20th May 2022

Train to become a certified Forest Bathing Guide using the Forest Therapy Hub method on this immersive 5 day in-person training at the beautiful Wiston Lodge in the Southern Uplands of Scotland from Monday 16th – Friday 20th May 2022 with experienced guide Caitlin Keddie and Alex Gesse, Executive Director of Forest Therapy Hub. Then follow a 12 week mentored practice online with trainers, mentors and international experts in the areas of Nature Connection, Forest Medicine, and Expressive Arts. A unique, updated and leading programme, oriented to the practical application of scientific evidence in health, wellbeing and connection with nature.


In May 2022, I will be offering a 5 day immersive in-person training for Forest Bathing Guides in collaboration with the Forest Therapy Hub at the beautiful Wiston Lodge, near Biggar, Scotland. There will then be a 12 week mentored programme of online classes with experienced professionals in this field as well as covering areas of Forest Medicine, Nature Connection & Expressive Arts.

Visit the Forest Therapy Hub website here for more information on this training.

The FTHub Method is a practical tool that contains a set of activities to promote nature connectedness, implemented under the conceptual framework of Planetary Health, the theoretical principles of human-nature interaction and scientific evidence.

A model developed, tested and evolved through practical implementation in projects by professionals, such as stress prevention and occupational health in corporate settings and mental health projects with specific populations, groups of functional diversity and vulnerable populations.

What is Forest Bathing?
Forest Bathing is a nature-based wellbeing practice that enhances our natural ability to adapt to change in our lives, more positively and healthily, supporting a better quality of life.

What is the role of a Forest Bathing Guide?
A Forest Bathing Guide offers nature connection activities structured in a carefully designed sequence that aims to create experiences that enhance nature connectedness and strengthen social relationships, boosting the therapeutic and restorative effects of nature for health and wellbeing.

Where will this training take place?
The beautiful Wiston Lodge is in a scenic small hamlet in South Lanarkshire (Southern Uplands), Scotland. Located 13 miles (21 km) southeast of Lanark and 8 miles (13 km) southwest of the old market town of Biggar and within an hour’s drive of both Edinburgh and Glasgow. An area steeped in history, many of the towns in the region have historical landmarks.

Wiston Lodge provides a unique quiet rural setting where people can feel safe and be supported to develop the skills they need to fulfil their personal and professional potential, free from the distractions of everyday life.

This wonderful venue is within walking distance of Tinto Hill, which at 707 metres is the highest point in Central Scotland. Tinto Hill offers sweeping views of the Clyde and Avon Valley, as well as to the Lake District, the mountains of Mourne in Northern Ireland, Ailsa Craig and the Island of Arran, the Arrochar Alps and as far north as Lochnagaar in the Cairngorms.

If you have any questions about the training and what it entails, or if it is right for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing me at


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