Spring Forest Bathing Experience, West Lothian, Sunday 5th April 2020


On a guided Forest Bathing experience, you’ll engage all of your senses through guided meditation, and a series of mindful, creative and sensory invitations helping you to;
• Cultivate your sense of presence and calm
• Deepen your relationship with the natural world
• Practice present-moment gratitude
• Tap in to your creative side
• Connect with individuals from your local community in a fun and relaxed way
• Truly slow down and reduce your stress levels
• Learn how to further your forest bathing practice at home
• Continue your forest bathing practice within a community setting
We end each session with a locally foraged herbal tea, and light, healthy snacks to mark the end of our forest bathing experience, and to allow a chance to ask the guide questions or chat further about the practice. This is a lovely way to learn about new plants and connect with nature’s medicine by physically taking in our forest experience.

This experience lasts approx. 2 hours.
Location: Beecraigs Country Park, West Lothian (Directions will be sent after booking).
Transport: By car, public transport and by foot.
Date: Sunday 5th April 2020
Time: 10:00 – 12:00
Investment in yourself: £20
Suitable for 12 yrs +

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An invitation to connect more deeply with yourself and nature on this Springtime guided Forest Bathing experience. Follow the seasons and tune in to the rhythm of the natural world and let all of your senses come alive.

“April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.”
William Shakespeare

The forest inspires our many senses and curiosities. Allow space for yourself to slow down, become more relaxed and centred, and nurture new connections: with yourself, your community and your surroundings. Enhance your well-being through the beautiful evidence-based wellness practice of Forest Bathing – inspired by Shinrin Yoku. Learn a variety of techniques to unwind in the outdoors with Scotland’s first Certified Forest Bathing Guide, Caitlin Keddie.

An immersive nature experience beneficial for those interested in deepening their nature connection practice, enhancing their creativity, and supporting wellness through greater relaxation and stress reduction.


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